Studio recording can be an ‘open-ended’ exercise with some of the larger and often unexpected costs coming toward the end of the process. Below is a breakdown of a typical full length recording based on 2011 Urban Lounge Studio prices (including GST). There are many items (eg, piano tuning) which may not apply to your particular needs.

Studio Expenses

$75 per hour (+GST) or a cheaper day rate

Tracking Sessions
Tracking involves the initial recording of the band/artist often conducted over one or more ‘day length’ sessions.

These sessions are for ‘fixing’ mistakes or adding parts. Eg a 2nd guitar part, backing vocals etc…

Removing unwanted noise from tracks, ‘comping’ parts and mixing each song

Session Musicians $65-$88 per hour
Session musicians can be booked if necessary and will generally be happy to negotiate a ‘Day Rate’

Piano Tuning $160 (if required)

Production Expenses

These services are sourced externally

  • Mastering from $180 per hour ($900 full length CD)
  • Photography from $120 per hour
  • CD Artwork from $850 CD covers, CD, Tray and booklet all need to be designed and presented to the printer in a professional format. This stage needs to be completed well and I recommend a professional graphic designer for this task.
  • Replication from $880 (500 copies) This is the process used to produce multiple replicated copies of your CD/DVD. The cost per disk decreases as the quantity increases. Minimum run is 500. Expect a minimum 10-day turnaround time.

These prices are provided as a guide. It is always wise to develop a realistic budget that takes into consideration all of the above options. Make sure you allocate enough of your budget to each area and then spend plenty of time in pre-production to ensure you only spend time in the studio that you need to.

Web Expenses