Backing Tracks

Have you written a song and need a backing track to go with it?
Email me your song as an mp3 (a simple recording n your phone is usually fine), or send it to me on a CD and I will create a music backing track to go with it. You can then use this for live performances or come into the studio add your vocals to complete the process.

Typical workflow for a project like this:

  1. You supply a recording of your song with the following information
     Lyrics (If applicable)
     Form Eg, Intro, Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, etc..
     Tempo (Speed)
     Style Eg, Rock, Pop, Jazz etc…
     Instrumentation Eg, Piano, Drums & Bass
  2. I supply you with a quote
  3. You love the price and give me the ‘go ahead’
  4. I complete the track for you

Sample Backing Tracks

Sample 1: ‘Acoustic’
Piano, Strings and Percussion

Sample 2: ‘Ambient Rock’
Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Synth

Sample 3: ‘Acoustic Rock’
Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar

Sample 4: ‘Urban’
Synth, Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar

Sample 5: ‘Jazz – Bossa Nova’
Piano, Bass, Drums

Sample 6: ‘Funky’
B3, Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar