Features & Equipment

You will work in a well equipped space, consisting of a Control room, Live room, Vocal booth and Lounge. You will work with a good mix of analogue and digital processing, outboard equipment and a range of  microphones. You will also have access to some beautiful recording instruments.


Urban Lounge Studios is equipped with excellent quality equipment. The following list is a selection of equipment available for use.

Monitors: Focal Twin6 Be
Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo 8P & Focusrite Clarett Octopre
Microphones: Rode Classic II, NT2A’s and NT5’s, Shure SM and Beta, Sennheiser MD421’s, 12 Gauge Condenser
Headphones: AKG & Audio Technica
Outboard: Avalon VT737 channel strip, Amek DMCL Purepath preamp/compressor, ART stereo tube compressor

Plugins: Antares, Waves, Universal Audio, Native Instruments, East-West

Keyboard Instruments: Yamaha C5 grand piano, Fender Rhodes 73 electric stage piano
Percussion Instruments: Djembe, Cajon Drums, Congas, Rain Stick, Tambourine and a range of shakers

Studio Features

  • Great sound isolation

  • Large acoustic viewing windows

  • Adjustable acoustic treatment

  • Ambient lighting

  • Individually-tailored headphone matrix mix

  • Spacious vocal-booth

  • Coffee and lounges

Studio Layout